December 2013 Update

The Taveuni Island, Fiji Project is a success story with the first container of bicycles successfully delivered in September 2013. Photos can be viewed in the Gallery. We would like to acknowledge Jo Dean for the work she did organising the Fijian side of the project. We are discussing with Fiji about more containers in 2014 and this will be an ongoing partnership. All donations are most welcome and are tax deductible. Donations can be made through our secure ‘Give Now’ button on the right. We have to upgrade to a more larger and suitable premises within the next 3 months that will increase public exposure. Bikes keep coming and we are expanding and growing. We are anticipating substantial funding beginning from next year that will speed up all our operations.

April 2013 Update

Australian Goodwill Bicycles Abroad Inc. funds projects through donations from the public and is part of the OAGDS (Overseas Aid Gift Deduction Scheme). Donations are tax deductible.

To ship a container of bicycles to Taveuni Fiji, $6,000 needs to be raised.

Taveuni is the garden island of Fiji, where 3,500 farmers and their families work the land to grow food. Most areas are accessible by road, where walking is the main form of transport.

The bicycles will assist men, women and children in their daily activities;

  • Carrying produce to markets
  • Children accessing school
  • Women carrying handicrafts for sale to visitors to the island
  • Most people on the island can’t afford a bicycle.

    A bicycle workshop will be established to train locals in maintenance and repair for ongoing sustainability of the bicycles on the island.

    Goodwill Bicycles are working in partnership with Jo & Geoff Dean (Australian Volunteers International), Tamar Bicycle Users Group (Launceston) and Rotary Club of Taveuni – District 9920 to bring this project to fruition.

    Help us provide environmentally friendly transport to these people in need.

    You can donate through our secure Give Now button and all donations are tax deductible.

    We would like to thank everyone personally for any contributions from much needed financial donations down to an old bicycle. After all, it is the Australian publics’ goodwill that perpetuates the expansion of this organisation.

In Memory of The Late Russell Patrick

30/04/1950 - 24/01/2012

To the friend I never met:
The most a person can hope to achieve in this short life is peace and happiness. Passing this on to others is even more wonderful.
Thus was the life of Patrick, an avid bicycle rider. Now let us pass on the love and peace bestowed upon us.
Goodwill Bicycles would like to thank the family and friends of Russell for their support and offer our condolences to all.
Mark Pate – Founding Director


Australian Goodwill Bicycles Abroad Incorporated provides opportunities for developing countries to create community based, sustainable bicycle repair businesses that promote environmentally friendly and affordable transportation using appropriate technology.

We are a not-for-profit organisation with one clear and simple mission:

"To collect, store, repair and distribute as many bikes as possible to those in need."

To date we have collected, repaired and sent over 10,000 bikes to various developing countries including Ghana, East Timor, the Solomon Islands, Kingdom of Tonga and Nauru.  We also provide support for remote Australian Indigenous communities.

Thanks to Channel 9 news for this footage